What do you do when you car’s gas tank is close to being empty?  Of course, you would refuel.  Well, what do you do when you are having a leadership burnout?  Then it is time to renew your leadership.

Before we talk about how to renew your leadership, first take a look at what leadership burnout looks like in Signs and Symptoms of Leadership Burnout.  

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by stress.  It occurs when a person feels overwhelmed, emotionally spent, and / or unable to meet the constant demands.  If you are suffering from leadership burnout, here are four ways to renew your leadership.

1. Make Time

As a leader, time can be a precious commodity.  Purposeful leaders are great at scheduling time to think and reflect.  Making time to think and reflect seems to be an impossible task for many hectic leaders because of their perception that they are too busy.  Leaders that are able to make time to think and reflect will enjoy a higher level of productivity because of their ability to measure their goals. 

2. Change Your Perspective

A change in perspective is sometimes the only thing needed to help with renewing your leadership, especially if your current perspective is the cause for your burnout.

3. Read A Good Leadership Book

Research has proved the best leaders are eager learners.  A great way to learn is reading.  An even better way to learn is reading a book on leadership.  No matter your profession, leadership is critical to your success.  By reading various leadership books, you will create capacity to grow and development.

4. Take Time Off

Last but certainly not least, great leaders find time to refresh themselves.  It is important to get out of the office, get off the computer, and shut your mind down.  Research has shown that we need down time to allow for our bodies to go through a restoration process mentally, physically, etc.  Vacationing gives this opportunity.  It doesn’t have to be a long vacation, but you just need some down time. 

In conclusion, we have times when we get overwhelmed, stress, and are on the verge of having a leadership burnout.  If you start to see any signs and symptoms of having a leadership burnout, it is time to start the process of renewing your leadership.  The key to renewing your leadership will include one or possibly all of the aforementioned points.

How do you renew your leadership?  Please leave a comment below or email me directly.


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