The key to any individual or organization’s success starts from within.  Whether you are attempting to accomplish an individual or a team goal, we need a team.  But more importantly, you need a team with great leadership.

Every great team is comprised of a variety people with exceptional individual talent.  Be that as it may, the strength of the team lies in each individual contributing his or her gift to the greater whole. 

Let’s take a look at what a great leadership team looks like.  Here are 4 leadership styles needed to make up a great leadership team.

1. Connector.

Great leadership teams always have a connector.  This person not only builds relationships with others, but he or she also connects great leaders and teams with other great leaders and teams.  A connector understands the value of a relationship.  He or she also knows that success is inevitable a solid relationship is established.

2. Strategic Thinker

An individual or organization will move aimlessly throughout life or their business without a strategy.  It is important to have a strategic thinker on your team.  A leader skilled in strategic thinking provides your team a better sense of direction and how to achieve your goals.  This is critical to day-to-day decision making, evaluating, and reevaluating of progress.  These leaders are great at planning and mapping out success.

3. Executor

Every great leadership team needs an executor.  Connecting is great, strategically thinking is important, but you have to have someone on your team that can get things done.  These leaders are all about action.  Executors give goals and dreams legs and arms to successfully become a reality. 

4. Influencer

The influencer is different than any other leadership style.  The influencer is concerned about the impact his or her team is leaving on others.  The best leaders do not try to manipulate, but they seek to influence.  These leaders lead from a position of authenticity, which leaves the greatest impact.  This authenticity only comes from these leaders understanding who they are and why they do what they do.

There aren’t many well-balanced leaders, but every team must be well balanced.  Many leaders would like to think that they are great win each of these areas.  But if that were so, there would be no need for a team.  The best leaders understand their strengths and their need for a great leadership team.

What do you think makes up great leadership team?  Which leadership style do you lead with?  Please leave a comment below or email me directly.


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