There’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate


There are two sides to every story.  There’s a right for every left.  If there’s a front, somewhere you will find a back.  In the midst of darkness, there’s always light.  Where there’s love, somewhere hate is lurking in the shadows.


In today’s blog, I will discuss two facts of life that leaders can use to enhance their leadership skills.

The two facts are: Hate Kills, but Love Builds.

Hate Kills


There’s a time a place for everything.  Hate can be used as an effective tool as a leader.

There are many things a leader should hate, but here are a few:

  1. Procrastination,
  2. Laziness,
  3. Idleness,
  4. Passing the buck, and
  5. Judgmental behaviors.

Hate is to intensely dislike something or to dislike with a passion.  When it comes to any unproductive action or behavior, leaders must deal with these behaviors swiftly or it will lead to catastrophic damage to your personal life or business.

The behaviors listed above will kill any chance of success.

Love Builds


On the other hand, love builds.

This statement is true when it comes to any life situation.  It holds to true in any aspect of your life.  Think about it, love is a driving force when it comes to success.

The greatest sporting teams of all time always share this special bond of love.  If you do the research, most championship teams aren’t built around just one player being great.  On the contrary, these teams are built on the love and unity for one another.  It is this special bon of love that allows them to pull together as a team to do the unthinkable - WIN!

The United States Armed Forces is another great example of the affects of love.  These men and women from different branches work together to preserve the freedom that we enjoy daily.  Why do they do this?  One word, LOVE!  Love for their children.  Love for their spouses.  Love for their fellow countrymen.  Love for their country.  Love for FREEDOM!

This applies to any family, church, business, country, etc.

So the question is, why does love build?

The reason love builds is because love is to have a strong affection for something or someone.  Without this connection, there is no reason to play, fight, work, etc.

When love is present, here are a few character traits you will find in the midst of a team and its leader:

  1. Honesty,
  2. Loyalty,
  3. Devotion,
  4. Sincerity,
  5. Faithfulness,
  6. Patience, and
  7. Unity.

Remember, hate kills, but love builds.  Hate those things, which are unproductive to your life’s growth.  Love those things, which will move your life forward.


What things in your life do you need to hate or love more?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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