Can you believe we are already 5 months into this year?  We are now in graduation season and schools are preparing to wrap up the school year. Already!

This brings to my mind a verse from a favorite song – that time is filled with swift transition.  In lieu of that, it is important to stop, slow down, and reflect.

How do you really know how well you have accomplished a goal if you do not have time to reflect on your goal from end-to-end? It isn’t good enough just to finish a task.  You must take time to assess your what, why, how, and results of your goal and next steps.

Ask yourself a few questions. How do you really feel about your end result? Did you meet your goal within your specific timeframe?  Did the outcome meet your expectations? What did you learn in pursuit of this goal?  What changes need to be made to maintain the goal?  In what ways have you become a better person because of this goal?  Or, what improvements do you still need to make?  There is always room for improvement and growth.  Reflect and document your outcome.  Build on your achievement.  Pat yourself on the back. You made positive progress. When you honestly stop and reflect, you can grow.

You’ve heard the following statement before; “Good, better, best; never let it rest; until your good is better and your better is best!  This is often quoted to children with expectation for desired outcomes. If you really want to turn your better to best, consistently take time to reflect and make adjustments to your goals and objectives for true success.

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