ABC’s of Success


Many people are looking for various secrets to attaining success.  What if I told you that there are no secrets to success?  In addition, what if I told you those things we considered secrets are actually common knowledge and should be a daily common practice in our lives.

The foundation for success lies in these factual tips I will be sharing with you.  Times may change and people may change, but these facts about success will always hold true.  Let’s look at the ABC’s of success.


It is hard to have any success without action.  Nothing happens without action.  Action means putting in motion.  Forward movement is needed for any success.


We don’t have to be art our best all the time, but we must do our best to enjoy any kind of success.


Change is a friend of success.  Your success will be dependent on your ability to adjust, readjust, adjust, and readjust again.


Success requires perseverance.  Determination is an invaluable asset.  You will face difficulties and bumps in the road, but be determined about reaching your goals.


The right energy will give you many opportunities to be successful.  Our attitude determines our energy.  The right attitude will give you the right energy bringing success into your life.


You will need to ignore some things in order to focus on those things that matter most to achieve your success.


Goals are important.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  Goals are a road map to your success.


You can work smart all you want, but you will also have to work hard.  You will have to go the extra mile, be the example, and serve like no one else.  All success comes with hard work.


Success usually starts with inspiration.  Discover what inspires you and use that to fuel your achievements.


Success should come with great pleasure and happiness.  Why do we want to be successful in the first place?  One of the reasons we want to be successful is to receive pleasure, happiness, or joy as a by-product.


At some point, to be successful you will need all the facts, information, and skills to achieve your success.  The probability of failure on your road to success is high.  As stated earlier in the blog, failure is just another way to gain more knowledge about how to be more successful.


Without leadership, it will be impossible to obtain success.  You will need to take leadership over your attitude, ideas, goals, and actions.


Whenever you find success, it is usually preceded by skill.  Success doesn’t come from luck, but success happens when we skillfully can apply these ABC’s to our daily life.


Success is like a baby.  It needs nurturing.  I discussed the meaning of success in Are You Successful? (Click link)  What you consider success needs nurturing.  If you nourish your success, just like a baby it will continue to grow and develop into greater successes.


Everything in life has purpose and meaning.  Your success should as well.  If you feel your success has no purpose, it may be time to seek out new success.


Success comes from passion.  Without passion, it will be hard to experience success.  There will be days when you may feel like giving up, but your passion for your success will continue to drive you.


There should be a quality to your success.  Quality deals with something being reliable, maintainable, or sustainable.  Success should be reliable, maintainable, or sustainable.


Failure is inevitable when seeking out success.  You will make mistakes, but failure isn’t the end of your ability to succeed.  Settle in your mind to fail, learn, and succeed.


A strategy is different than your goals.  Although they are both maps to achieve your success, a strategy is more like your action plan to complete your goals.  Your strategy is your game plan.


Success cannot happen without teamwork.  You have heard the phrase, “It takes a team to achieve a dream.”  Whether you need assistance or not, it is always good to have a support team to endorse your success.


You will need to be useful in order to receive any degree of success.  Useful means you are functional, efficient, beneficial, helpful, profitable, or productive.  Successful people are useful people.


Vision brings success.  Why?  It’s because successful people or organizations must be able to envision their future brighter than their present.  Vision allows for clarity of purpose, goals to be met, solutions to be made, and productive work to be completed.


You had to see this one coming.  There are a thousand reasons why weird will promote your success.  Anyone who is successful did not get there by being like everyone else.  But quite the opposite, they became successful by being weird, unique, and different.  These people are able to capitalize on being themselves.


Similar to the word weird, x-factor refers to something or someone who is indefinable.  Not only are these things and people indefinable, but they also make a significant impact on the various outcomes.  Successful people are x-factors.  It is hard define what they are good at because they possess so many intangible qualities that make them an x-factor.


When I use the word youthful, I don’t mean young in age.  Successful people are fresh, spry, active, vigorous, active, spirited, and full of energy.  If you are in search for success, it’s time to find your youthfulness.  I have never believed the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  So, “Out with the old” and “in with the new.”


If you have ever watched a cooking show, you have heard words such as “We will add zest to the sauce.”  Zest has to do with enthusiasm, eagerness, fire, sparkle, passionate energy, excitement, or spice.  Successful people always discover ways of adding zest to their life and the lives of others, which makes them even more successful.


Question: What one word describes success to you?  Please explain why.  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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