How many times have you been partially committed to an idea, thought, goal, dream, or relationship, but only to let it slip away because of a lack of complete commitment?

It is quite easy to get distracted in our world today. From birth to now, we all have been surrounded by the deafening noise of our world. Noise of peer pressure, raising children, changing jobs, going school, and attempting to progress in life.

I don’t think you would be surprised if I told you that most of the noise in our lives comes from things and responsibilities we have created.

All noise isn’t bad, but it’s noise nonetheless. So how do you handle the noise? If we aren’t careful the noise can delay or even kill our dreams.

We need a plan for handling the noise in our lives. So I would like to give you two ways of eliminating or turning down the noise in your life.

1. Recognize the noise. Are you aware of the noise in your life? It’s rare for most people to have only one source of noise. An important key to handling the noise in your life is being in the know. You may have children, but are they distracting your life goals. I don’t know about you, but my children are included in my life goals. This thought brings me to our next two sub-points. Once you have recognized your noise you must then differentiate the noise. There are two types of noise.

A) Necessary Noise. Necessary noise is any necessary responsibility demanding your undivided attention. There aren’t many things that are this important. Matter of fact, you can probably count those things that are necessary noise on one hand. God, my wife, and my children are all examples of necessary noise in my life. They all demand my time, rightfully so. And without them, achieving my life goals would not mean anything.

B) Unnecessary Noise. Unnecessary noise in anything demanding your time but isn’t worth you spending all your time focusing on it. Many of the things in our lives fall in this category.  If you spend all your time on something and it doesn’t bring you any closer to achieving your life goals, more than likely that responsibility is unnecessary.

2. Put your blinders on. Once you have recognized those distractions in your life, then you must put your blinders on. This is the thought that actually inspired this blog.

I had unique conversation with a great friend of mine with great perspective last week. Our relationship started through my therapy business and ever since that day she has been a big encouragement to the various works God has placed on my heart. I know she is reading this, so I have to thank her for today’s blog inspiration.

In our conversation, we discussed raising children in this age. In the middle of our conversation she mentioned these words, “People need to put their blinders on.” I believe she was suggesting that we need to move forward in life with an intense focus to handle the noise in our lives.

Don’t worry about what’s going on to the left, right, or behind you. Just put your blinders on and keep moving forward. The blinders are to keep you from drowning in your past or present accomplishments or failures. It keeps you focused on the future.

Once we recognize the noise, we must tune out the unnecessary noise and focus on achieving our life goals.

Question: What are your life goals? How are you currently handling the noise in your life?

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

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