What’s Your Daily Five?


Remind yourself everyday of those things in which you are grateful.


I believe it is so important to start everyday with the right attitude.

What are your first thoughts when you wake up?  What are your first actions in the morning?  Are you a talkative person?  Or do you need to warm up before you speak to people?

You are starting your day a specific way whether you think about how you are starting your day or not.  Today’s blog is to help with starting your day the right way.

My family does something called “What’s Your Daily Five?”  My wife and I have 3 precious boys, but we understand that we have a grave responsibility to nurture these young men into men.  We have several ways of doing this, but one is what’s you daily five?

What’s Your Daily Five? Defined


What’s your daily five is a question we ask each other every morning.  The response should be 5 things that make you grateful.

There are many reasons to be grateful.  So we have no reason why we should start our days with any negativity.  We should be clear-headed and full of positive energy first thing in the morning.  And if we start to get low on positive energy throughout the day, reflect back on your daily five to refuel you.

I am fascinated about how many things in life are all about attitude.  About 99.99% of the situations in our lives are all determined by the way we think and behave.

Discover your daily five.  It can be a new five everyday, but know you have something to be grateful about and continue to refer to those things throughout your day.

What’s My Daily Five?


I am grateful for so many things, but I will share with you my daily five this morning:

1. Divine Inspiration (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit)

2. Faith

3. My Family (wife and three boys)

4. Health

5. Any and every relationship I have experienced


What’s Your Daily Five? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)

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